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Train tickets

Railway tickets

Detailed info about railway tickets availability, ticket costs and trains time-table in available on-line at the booking terminal Express installed at "MOSCO Company Head office. Managers of our Railway Transportation Department are always glad to provide you with the complete recent information about the destinations you might be interested to visit in and will accept your orders in compliance with the previously sent application forms. Booking through our office you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Booking both domestic and international destinations;
  • Electronic and paper tickets issuing;
  • Quick access to free info;
  • Tickets delivery within Moscow (Free for corporate clients)

To issue railway tickets (e-ticket or paper) please fill in the form on this page

Warning notice: If you have got an intention to pay by a credit card, please fill in and send to us an appropriate authorization letter (please click the link, fill in the form and send it by fax to MOSCO Company).

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